Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Churro Purse

While shopping in Valle de Angeles a few years ago I saw a churro purse for the first time. I thought it was a neat idea, but ended up not getting it because it was small and probably overpriced because of the tourist market there. But this item had been in the back of my mind since then.

While visiting Arada, Santa Barbara recently to get to know the hometown of a friend, I was able to come in contact again with the churro purse. We were visiting the nacimientos of the town and my friend told me there was one where the owner was also know for his churro artesania. Not only does he make purses out of chip wrappers, he also makes earrings, in addition to belts made out of pop can tabs. He is the owner of a pulperia and his customers leave their chip wrappers behind as material for his craft. The purses are sold for 100 lempira or around $5. Here is the artist:

Pretty much any type of glossy paper can be used. Here are some directions to make your own glossy recycled purse.

Updated to add the pics of his earrings and belt.


La Gringa said...

Hi there! I was happy to find the basura bag instructions. Thanks for posting the link. Oh, and thanks so much for the link to my blogicito.

Are you in Honduras?

Rachel said...

very cool!! I've always loved the basura bags just never could put that much money towards one. Glad to know there are some in country that are more reasonably priced. I love that his pulperia trash is used! That's awesome!!
Welcome to blogging!!

Theresa in Mèrida said...

Thanks for the link to the directions for the bag. I want to suggest the basura bag as a craft project to my daughter.

Jacinta Mucosa said...

I'm glad you all are enjoying the directions. I never thought to look for them until I met people around town while using the purse, who told me they used to make them. I figured it must be a somewhat common practice, which I imagine requires a lot of patience. Good luck with your crafting.