Friday, July 25, 2008

Carrera de Cinta

During the August fair and other assorted times throughout the year, an event called Carrera de Cinta takes place in the border town of Naranjito, SB. The event is called this because there is a line hanging across a street with rings hanging by strings from it. The goal of this event is to ride down the street fast and catch a ring by putting a pencil through it. Normally the rider holds the pencil high after he has captured the ring because it won't count if the ring falls off at the end of the ride. The task is difficult because of the speed and size of the hole the pencil must go through. Normally a handful of riders will accomplish this in each competition. The horses that participate in the event are well-fed and well-groomed unlike the majority which are usually skinny. One rider says that he uses a bottle of shampoo a day to keep his horse looking nice.

Here are a couple short clips of the event:

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glorv1 said...

How fun the Carrera de Cinta looks. It would be weird to have something like that over here. It just isn't going to happen. It looks quite difficult but those senores look like they have had plenty of experience. By the way, I loved your post on the shoe bit. Take care, gloria