Sunday, July 27, 2008

Hanging shoes out to dry

Photo taken in La Planeta neighborhood of San Pedro Sula

Brother in law: You should stay off the street one block up from here. There are a lot of mareros on that street.
Me: Oh, you mean the street with all the shoes hanging on the power lines?
Brother in law: Yeah, that one.
Me: Oh, I know that one. We walked down it and I took pictures.

I tried to convince my husband that shoes hanging on lines can mean various things. After doing some research later I found there is no definitive reason, but it is generally thought that some sort of negative activity occurs underneath them. The mister says a lot of times Hondurans just throw them up there for fun. Maybe it is a way of disposing of unwanted old shoes :)


glorv1 said...

I hear tell that hanging shoes on an overhead wire is usually a sign that drugs are being sold in and or about the specific are.

Jacinta Mucosa said...

That is usually what I hear as well. Although according to Snopes it can mean many things or maybe nothing at all.

Kathie said...

Shoes hanging from the power lines seems to be very common in Central America.
Blessings from Costa Rica