Monday, August 18, 2008

Country Bags

Wherever you go there seems to be a common trend in what kind of bag is used to carry things around. In the Honduras countryside there are at least 2 types of commonly carried bags. A lot of times they are used to bring lunch when a person will be spending all day working in the fields (often referred to as "monte"- Me voy pa' el monte). Frequently this bag is strapped to a bestia, so the straps need to be long enough to tie. These bags are handmade and are durable to meet the demands.

The picture above on the right is of a bag called "argania", it kind of has a plastic feel to it. This bag can be seen in a multitude of colors.

On the left and on top is an open net-like bag that is often referred to as "matatas". The version on top I would describe as straw-like texture, for lack of a better word. The matata on the left is plastic and waxy.

I've heard these bags are also good for crazy gringo(as) that like to carry around toilet paper and cameras.


Laurie said...

Cool post. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I answered your query at the blog site. If you like Honduran made bags, take a look at This group is doing amazing things here in the capital.

glorv1 said...

I really like those bags. I use tote bags myself, I can carry more things in them. Of course its things I don't use but their there in case I need them. Those bags look very strong. I wouldn't mind having one. Nice post.

La Gringa said...

Very interesting to me. I beginning to wonder if I haven't been very observant or if the trend is different here in La Ceiba.

I see people carrying their reused Carrion plastic bags (a status symbol to show that you can afford to shop there) or reused orange and white striped grocery bags. I really can't recall seeing any sort of purposely reusable bag which has always surprised me. Maybe I just need to pay more attention.

We have some cloth grocery bags and honestly, we get treated like we are from Mars when we use them. El Jefe has just quit using them completely because he's tired of explaining.

I have a plan -- inspired by your basura bag article -- to crochet a tote bag with strips of old plastic grocery bags. When I'll get it done, I don't know, but maybe I'll start a trend in La Ceiba. It would be a conversation piece, I think.

The stash of bags is piling up!

Jacinta Mucosa said...

These bags are very sturdy. I love to carry them around but as my husband reminds me "no girl in her right mind with even a little fashion consciousness would use that". It is a sign of a very poor person.

Other reusable bags I have seen are huge square ones, with long zipper along the top. I usually only see that one on long bus trips. Sometimes they have cartoons like Tweetie on them or just a waxy plaid print.

La Gringa,
I'm surprised you were able to smuggle those cloth bags in! It seems like everything is usually confiscated and put into a locker.

Good luck on your bag! It will definitely be very colorful and a good way of using up all those bags.

It is I said...

I had to laugh at the last part about the toilet paper. Can you believe in the 8 months I was there, not once did I carry TP with me anywhere. Where as my husband always had a role of TP with him. And as we know, I am the gringa, and he is the Honduran, LOL.

I am glad that I was able to catch up on your blog. Hope you are doing well!!