Monday, August 18, 2008

Country Bags

Wherever you go there seems to be a common trend in what kind of bag is used to carry things around. In the Honduras countryside there are at least 2 types of commonly carried bags. A lot of times they are used to bring lunch when a person will be spending all day working in the fields (often referred to as "monte"- Me voy pa' el monte). Frequently this bag is strapped to a bestia, so the straps need to be long enough to tie. These bags are handmade and are durable to meet the demands.

The picture above on the right is of a bag called "argania", it kind of has a plastic feel to it. This bag can be seen in a multitude of colors.

On the left and on top is an open net-like bag that is often referred to as "matatas". The version on top I would describe as straw-like texture, for lack of a better word. The matata on the left is plastic and waxy.

I've heard these bags are also good for crazy gringo(as) that like to carry around toilet paper and cameras.